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NextPush - Server App

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UnifiedPush provider for Nextcloud - server application


Your Nextcloud instance needs to have a Redis server installed and listening for connections.


  1. Install this Nextcloud application from the store: .

  2. Configure the reverse-proxy. (See examples of reverse-proxy conf)

    a. The reverse-proxy need to be configured for long timeout :

    Nginx: - Server Block

    proxy_connect_timeout   10m;
    proxy_send_timeout      10m;
    proxy_read_timeout      10m;

    Apache: - VirtalHost Block

    ProxyTimeout 600

    b. The reverse-proxy need to be configured without buffering :

    Nginx: - Server Block

    proxy_buffering off;

    Apache (php configuration): - VirtalHost Block

    <Proxy "fcgi://localhost/" disablereuse=on flushpackets=on max=10>


The app can be used as a personal matrix gateway. It requires to pass requests to the path /_matrix/push/v1/notify to /index.php/apps/uppush/gateway/matrix.

See examples of reverse-proxy conf

Nginx: - Server Block

location /_matrix/push/v1/notify {

Apache: - VirtalHost Block

ProxyPass "/_matrix/push/v1/notify"


Clone the repository to nextcloud/apps/uppush instead of installing from Nextcloud store.

git clone nextcloud/apps/uppush


This application has been inspired by Nextcloud Push Notifier