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UPBGE Manual

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Welcome to the official repository of UPBGE's Manual and Python API. UPBGE's source code repository can be found here.

You can contribute by opening an issue asking for a topic to be included in the documentation, by opening a pull request with the desired changes or if you want to contribute a lot things by asking for commit rights.

Once a change is committed a build is automatically generated and the new changes pushed to directly.

Requirements to build the documentation locally

To build this documentation, it's required:

Once every dependency is instaled, simply open the console on the top level directory and run the command:

make html

The documentation will be built in the directory build.


UPBGE itself is released under the GNU General Public License.

Except where otherwise noted, the content of the UPBGE Manual is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License or any later version. Excluded from the CC-BY-SA are also the used logos, trademarks, icons, source code and Python scripts.

This UPBGE manual contains exclusive information from UPBGE Documentation Team but it is also based on others manuals and articles whose authors are exposed below:

It means that when contributing to the manual you do not hold exclusive copyright to your text. You are, of course, acknowledged and appreciated for your contribution. However, others can change and improve your text in order to keep the manual consistent and up to date.

If you want to use the UPBGE manual in other sites or other formats, please attribute the different authors and include hyperlinks (online) or URLs (in print) to the different manuals as pointed above out.

UPBGE Documentation Team:

  • Joel Gomes da Silva (joelgomes1994)
  • Tristan Porteries (panzergame)
  • Ulysse Martin (youle31)
  • Jorge Bernal (lordloki)
  • Xavier Cho (mysticfall)
  • Guilherme Teres Nunes (UnidayStudio)
  • Shaun Kulesa (ShaunKulesa)
  • Denis Nicolas (denicolas)
  • marechal-p (wkk)
  • Leopold A-C (IzaZed)
  • You!