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Start scripts

  • yarn do:start: rebuild service and start a PM2 process
  • yarn do:restart: rebuild service and restart an existing PM2 process
  • yarn do:stop: stop a PM2 process
  • yarn do:delete: delete a PM2 process

Setting up .env

Setup your env variables before anything else

Using the email templates

  • The email templates are housed in the following pen

Heres the breakdown:

  • Code as if you were using regular HTML & CSS.
  • Once you're happy with the template, you need to make it compatible with emails.
  • Mailchimp gives us a tool we can use to inline/reorganize or HTML & CSS to look pretty on email clients.

Visit this link for mail inliner

Example inliner code

  <!-- Paste CSS from Codepen here -->

<!-- Paste HTML from Codepen here -->
<!-- No <html></html> tags needed -->

Once you pass it through the inliner, you can now use it as a template.


POST /application

-To create a new hacker object into the database

  • Example request

POST /application/login

-To login a user based on email/password. Returns a JWT on success

  • Example request

POST /application/apply

-To insert information from a hacker's application based on email (needs login token in header)

  • Example request
	"schoolName":"Florida International Univeristy",
	"major":"Computer Science",
	"favoriteEvents":["Cup Stacking","Soylent Pong"],
	"areaOfFocus":"Web Development",
	"reasonForAttending":"Love Hackathons",

POST /application/readOne

-Gives back an individual hackers information based on given ShellID (needs login token in header)

  • Example request

PUT /application/confirm

-Changes a hacker's status to confirmed based on email (needs login token in header)

  • Example request
  "email": ""

PUT /admin/accept

-Accepts hackers based on given array of shellIDs (needs admin privilages)

  • Example request

PUT /admin/checkIn

-Checks in indicidual hacker based on shellID (needs admin privilages)

  • Example request
  "shellID": "Id1"

POST /mentor

  • Example request
  "firstName": "Mike",
  "lastName": "Swift",
  "email": "",
  "skills": "I can code with no shoes on."

POST /volunteer

  • Example request
  "firstName": "Mike",
  "lastName": "Swift",
  "email": ""

POST /workshop

  • Example request
  "firstName": "Mike",
  "lastName": "Swift",
  "title": "Intro to JS.",
  "Description": "I will show people how to use JS."


This route is used to fetch any info

  • Example request

  • Route:

  • Authorization : "Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1Nixxxxxxxx"


  "data": [
          "diet": "N/A",
          "mlh": "AGREE",
          "timestamp": "2019-01-26T23:20:39.137Z",
          "confirmation": false,
          "_id": "xxx",
          "firstName": "David",
          "lastName": "Castaneda",
          "email": "",
          "school": "Florida International University",
          "major": "Computer Science",
          "levelOfStudy": "JUNIOR",
          "resume": "",
          "gender": "MALE",
          "shirtSize": "MEDIUM",
          "__v": 0

Possible routes:

  • confirmed
  • unconfirmed
  • females
  • males
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