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Build from source in the github tree (not the tagged 2.2.1 release), which includes a fix for an abberant issue involving data structures, described at!topic/tuxedo-tools-users/UzLCJhj3lUE.

Cufflinks' developers bumped the version to 2.2.2 in the source tree's, but there's no tagged release with that version and no other indication of the source tree being that version. Since cufflinks is a widely used tool and the build procedure described below fixes the source tree on a specific commit, I am versioning using the previous official release, suffixed with that commit.

This procedure uses samtools 1.2 for the BAM libraries.


COMMIT_HASH holds the full hash for the commit we want. For versioning, we want the first 7 characters.

echo "VERSION being used is '$VERSION'"
mkdir /sw/apps/bioinfo/cufflinks/$VERSION
cd /sw/apps/bioinfo/cufflinks/$VERSION
cd ../src_$CLUSTER
module load git/2.10.2
module load build-tools
module load automake/1.14.1
module load autoconf/2.69
module load m4/1.4.17

On milou:

module load gcc/4.9.2
module load boost/1.59.0_gcc4.9.2

On rackham:

module load gcc/5.3.0
module load boost/1.61.0_gcc5.3.0

Clone the repository and make sure the head is reset to this commit (following guidance from

git clone
cd cufflinks
git reset --hard $COMMIT_HASH


Get the Eigen prerequisite (

cd ..  # should be in src_$CLUSTER now
mkdir -p Eigen/install-dir
cd Eigen/install-dir
cd ..
tar xjf 3.3.4.tar.bz2
cd eigen-eigen-5a0156e40feb
mkdir build
cd build
make install

Eigen include files are now installed in $EIGENDIR/include/. The above sets INCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR so it doesn't include an intervening eigen3 directory, which cufflinks is not expecting.

Samtools compilation and directory setup

There appears to be no default installation or source samtools configuration available with a source bundle from samtools that matches the directory structure that cufflinks expects for its BAM libraries. Perhaps this is available with a system-installable package via a package manager for some Linux releases. The link cufflinks provides for help when there are problems looking for the BAM libraries when running ./configure ( no longer works.

Here's a procedure that worked for samtools 1.2. This is specific to buildling against the newer htslib-containing samtools 1.x versions. With some modifications, it might work with older samtools versions as well.

Set up the directories and build samtools following its procedure. For this module, I did:

mkdir samtools-1.2
cd samtools-1.2
tar xjf samtools-1.2.tar.bz2
cd samtools-1.2
cd ..

Now set up the samtools directory for building. Installation via make prefix=... install does not do it. Also, note the symlink for version.hpp, required for version detection to work during cufflinks' configuration.

mkdir install-dir
cd install-dir
mkdir -p include/bam
cp -av ../samtools-1.2/*.h include/bam/
cd include/bam
ln -s version.h version.hpp
cd ../..
cp -av ../samtools-1.2/htslib-1.2.1/htslib include/bam/
mkdir lib
cp -av ../samtools-1.2/libbam.a lib/
cp -av ../samtools-1.2/htslib-1.2.1/libhts.a lib/

To double-check, while still standing in install-dir/ you should get something like this from ls -R:

include  lib


bam.h          bam_plbuf.h  kprobaln.h    samtools.h
bam2bcf.h      bam_tview.h  sam.h         stats_isize.h
bam_endian.h   errmod.h     sam_header.h  version.h
bam_lpileup.h  htslib       sample.h      version.hpp

bgzf.h   hts_defs.h       klist.h     kstring.h            tbx.h
faidx.h  kfunc.h          knetfile.h  regidx.h             vcf.h
hfile.h  khash.h          kseq.h      sam.h                vcf_sweep.h
hts.h    khash_str2int.h  ksort.h     synced_bcf_reader.h  vcfutils.h

libbam.a  libhts.a

No doubt some of those .h files are superfluous at this stage, but just copying all from the source tree keeps the procedure simple. If all looks OK, then still standing in install-dir/ set a shell variable to this location to use later.


Cufflinks configuration changes

There are some configuration changes that need to be made so that cufflinks can be built with Eigen and samtools.

cd cufflinks
  • To find Eigen correctly, change following this pull request. The pull request contains three changes. The second change is just the deletion of a commented-out line and not required. The first and third changes from the pull request are:

    • Following line 6 where m4_include([ax_check_zlib.m4]) is found, create a new line 7 containing +m4_include([ax_check_eigen.m4])
    • Around line 111 to 113, depending on the other changes you've made to, is a line that begins with CXXFLAGS= that includes a reference to a variable ${EIGEN3_CPPFLAGS}. Change this to refer to ${EIGEN_CPPFLAGS}. After the change, the complete line should read CXXFLAGS="${CXXFLAGS} ${BOOST_CPPFLAGS} ${BAM_CPPFLAGS} ${EIGEN_CPPFLAGS}".
  • So that newer samtools can be used, modify the script ax_bam.m4, which is used to find the files for the BAM library, so that it includes both libbam.a and libhts.a when linking:

    • Within line 192, which sets BAM_LIB, add -lhts. After the change, the complete line should read BAM_LIB="-lbam -lhts".

These configuration changes are persistent, so even if you you can regenerate the ./configure script (see below), Eigen and BAM libraries can still be found. The changes must be reapplied when working with a fresh clone of the repository.

Generate the ./configure script

Finally, generate the final ./configure script. This generates a number of warnings about files being in subdirectories, but (so far) it has been OK to ignore these.

autoreconf --install


Configure cufflinks for buildling. The variables PFX, EIGENDIR and BAM_ROOT are set above, and BOOST_ROOT is set when loading the boost module.

./configure --prefix=$PFX --with-boost=$BOOST_ROOT --with-eigen=$EIGENDIR --with-bam=$BAM_ROOT

Build and install!

Finally, build cufflinks tools:


It takes a while, and are many warnings during building, but they appear harmless.

If you forget to make the configuration change which includes libhts.a in the final link, you'll see many errors at link time, the first of which may be something like

libcufflinks.a(hits.o): In function `samread':
/sw/apps/bioinfo/cufflinks/2.2.1-b55bb21/src_milou/samtools-1.2/install-dir/include/bam/sam.h:95: undefined reference to `sam_read1'

If the build went well, install:

make install

To match the directory structure of the modules which use precompiled binaries, lift the executables up one directory to be immediately under the cluster directory.

cd $PFX
mv bin/* .
rmdir bin

Check RPATH information in the executables when no modules are loaded to be sure all shared libraries can be found, including the boost ones.

module unload boost autoconf automake m4 git build-tools gcc
ldd *

The mf file needs nothing more than the path for the executables.