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ODE Simulator

Installation Instructions

  1. If not already, install and initialize ROS indigo desktop full (

  2. Clone ode_simulator in your ROS worspace src folder.

  3. Install Maxima, which is a computer algebra system:

     $ sudo apt-get install maxima

Basic Usage

  1. If you haven't done this before, build your workspace:

     $ cd ~/catkin_ws/
     $ catkin build
  2. Create a file with the parameters of the UAV, seperated by commas:

     mass,arm's length,g,Ixx,Iyy,Izz

    and save it as P_uav.txt

  3. Create a file with the parameters of the arm, one line per dof, seperated by commas:


    as D–H parameters(4 params),mass,center of mass(3 params),inertia matrix(6 params) respectively, and save it as P_arm.txt

  4. Place a folder containing the info files for your system in ode_simulator/data/. From ode_simulator/ call

     $ ./ name

where name is the previous folder name.

On success src/name will be created with an ode function for your system. At the same time a target name_node will be added in CMakeLists.txt. This is the simulator node for your system.

Moreover, four additional files will be created in the same folder.

  • D.txt : The matrix D in the form:
                [d11, d12, ...
                 d21, d22, ...
                 ..., ..., ...]
  • W.txt : The vector W in the form:
  • X.txt : The description of the state vector, as the states are used in D, W. eg.
                [x,vx, y,vy, z,vz, phi,wx, theta,wy, psi,wz, q1,qd1, q2,qd2, ...]
  • U.txt : The description of the inputs vector, as the inputs are used in D, W. eg.
                [ U1, U2, U3, U4, tau1, tau2, ... ]



  • _u : The inputs topic (std_msgs::Float64MultiArray)
  • _x : The the correction topic (optional) (std_msgs::Float64MultiArray)

Published Topics:

  • x : The state vector (std_msgs::Float64MultiArray)

quad2dof Tester


$ roslaunch ode_simulator test_quad2dof.launch

will run the quad2dof_node and test_quad2dof_node, which implements a hovering controller. Also it lauches rqt_plot presenting the quad's x,y,z coordinates.