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The URN WordPress theme

Theme preview

Quick Start

Note: The following presumes that you already have a mysql and apache server installed locally.

  1. Install Node.js from then run npm install from the command line at the project root
  2. Run npm install -g grunt-cli to install grunt and grunt plugins
  3. Install Ruby for your OS and make sure to check the option to add it to your PATH variable if on Windows
  4. Run gem update --system
  5. Run gem install scss_lint
  6. Run npm install grunt-scss-lint
  7. Run gem install compass
  8. Run npm install grunt-contrib-compass
  9. Run grunt from the command line within the project directory to start watching the project
  10. Grunt should now compile your CSS as you edit the SCSS files


grunt mirror

Presuming you're running a linux system, get a complete mirror of the live WordPress database locally.

  • Have urn ssh alias set
  • Set the $URNLOCAL environment variable to the local development url (e.g. http://localhost or http://urn.local)
  • Local MySQL username: root
  • Local MySQL password: password

grunt --force

Keep tasks running even if the SCSS lint fails (useful for development when CSS is still in-progress but make sure the linter passes before committing any SASS)


In order for pushes to this repository (and child theme repositories) to automatically update the live version of the site, a webhook is used to send a POST request to when commits are pushed. The hook.php script then executes /var/www/


<?php echo shell_exec('../');


cd /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/urn-material;
git checkout master;
git pull 2>&1;

echo '<br>';

cd /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/urn-material-su-elections;
git checkout master;
git pull 2>&1;

echo '<br>';

cd /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/urn-material-varsity;
git checkout master;
git pull 2>&1;

echo '<br>';
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