Conceptual - Temporal - Spatial analysis of the trec polar dataset
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Polar Deep Insights

The trec polar dataset is a set of web pages, scientific data, zip files, PDFs, images, and science code related to the polar sciences and available publicly from agencies like ACADIS, AMD, and NSIDC. The literature in these documents describe a wide array of issues pertaining to the Arctic region like oil spills, glacier retreat, pollution, temperature increase, sea level rise (etc). They contain rich spatial data, through references to places, locations and countries. They are temporally rich with references to dates and times.

We wish to gain deep insights about climate change and it’s impact on the Arctic region with this dataset. We propose building a content extraction, enrichment and rich visualization interface to explore the spatial-conceptual-temporal richness of this dataset.

We wish for this work to supplement the President’s Strategy for the Arctic Region and identify trends and better understand the region and it's impact on the world.

With this tool we wish to build a workflow to answer the following questions.

  1. What time-based trends exist for discussion of natural resources and climate change indicators in the Arctic region?
  2. How many regions of interest are represented by the TREC dataset?
  3. What are some predicted areas of national security interests (maritime/air/sea and land)?
  4. How have science data and measurements related to Climate Change changed overtime?

The Polar Deep Insights project is a tool can be used as generic content extraction and evaluation tool on any dataset. We demonstrate how it can be extended and how researchers can incorporate custom analysis workflows.

To get a quick start refer this tutorial

Checkout our wiki for more useful information.


Information retrieval and Data Science Research Group, University of Southern California.