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Welcome to the USDEX whitepaper wiki!

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Overview Introduction?

Stable USD (USDEX) is a stablecoin that supports fiat, is pegged with USD basic assets, USDEX uses Ethereum's flexible protocol, easy to move on blockchain. Usdex operates completely decentralized, all tokens are issued with a currency equivalent to USD (1 USDEX = 1 USD)

Need of Stable USD on the blockchain

Stablecoin is the premise for the value stability of electronic money and decentralized applications (Dapps), laying the foundation for the strong development of blockchain technology in the future.

However, at this time, blockchain technology and digital assets are struggling with the significant challenge of price stability, transaction throughput and independent management risk in accordance with unstable standard, and especially, no policy to protect network participants.

Price fluctuations: Transactions with fluctuating currencies with volatility without limits create complexity and cause payment contracts to be broken easily, realizing this challenge, we provide a stable USD framework related to the real world to overcome management restrictions and token price volatility of Stable USD (Usdex) born equivalent to 1 dollar.

Why should we choose USDEX Stablecoin ?


The mission of USDEX is that people, in anywhere, can move assets on blockchain easily to limit risks and market volatility. USDEX creates a stable and decentralized currency that allows individuals and enterprises to realize the future of the blockchain.


Popular digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are too volatile to be used as a daily currency. The value of Bitcoin often experiences large volatility, up or down by up to 30% in a day. We believe that stable digital assets such as USDEX are essential to realize the full potential of blockchain technology.

USDEX is built based on blockchain technology with revolutionary nature, password-safety and strict compliance with global government rules and regulations.

Token Description

  • Token Name: Stable USD
  • Token Symbol: USDEX
  • Total Token Supply: Unlimit
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Price: 1 USDEX ~ 1 USD

What is USDEX Stablecoin used for?

Stablecoin is used to limit the volatility of electronic money assets, to eliminate cross-border transaction fees and move among e-money assets easily or pay for assets based on blockchain.

Who can use USDEX?

USDEX StableUSD allows individuals and enterprises- with exchanges, wallets, payment processors, financial services - to easily use fiat currencies on the blockchain.

Risk management on USDEX platform

Reverse transactions if any fraud, attack is detected to protect investors in USDEX ecosystem.

Stablecoin is very important for the future of the decentralized economy

The blockchain economy needs a valuable storage and stable exchange facilities to expand the blockchain in the future The reality of speculation on electronic money, for example, that the increasingly large Ether speculation has a strong impact on the general market, causing many decentralized applications to store ether electronic money affected, the fact proves that the larger the scale is, the higher the exchange rate risk due to the price volatility is. Thus, an electronic money with price stability is a basic requirement for most decentralized applications. The Usdex Stablecoin system with the function of being an electronic money with price stability and use as a strong decentralized margin trading platform can stabilize the blockchain financial market.

Different stable solutions

Assuming that the market price of Usdex deviates from the short-term target price, Usdex administrators will minimize this price instability by adjusting the Usdex rate on the market. The adjustment rate is a global system parameter, both affect the amount of Usdex owners.

If Usdex's market price is less than 1 USD, Usdex administrator will repurchase token code that increases demand and restrains supply, in addition Usdex creates incentives to encourage many people to buy Usdex through stock packages, revenues will be is divided at the next issuance, which will increase the market price to a target price of 1 USD.

If the market price of Usdex is over 1 USD, Usdex will implement Usdex auction to the market or issue through stock packages repurchased by investors, to restrict demand and increase supply, this will reduce Usdex's market price to a target price of 1 USD.

These two forces ensure that whenever the price of USD deviates from the target price, the adjustments will help the market prices back to target prices.

The process of Usdex rate adjustment will be a priority process, public and proprietary market data is provided to market participants, the data will be adjusted publicly.

Target market

As mentioned in the introduction, an electronic money with price stability is a basic requirement for most decentralized applications. Thus, the potential market for Usdex is at least as large or equal to the entire blockchain industry.

USDEX can be used anywhere you can use digital currency and used in many places where digital currency is not currently accepted.


The Usdex Stablecoin system is designed to address the key issue of stable value exchange in the Ethereum ecosystem and the wider blockchain economy. We believe that the mechanism that Usdex is created to manage the owner's direct risk will maintain the price stability of Usdex effectively over time. We have set up a prudent management route which meet the needs of rapid development in a short period of time and meet the ideal of arranging the gradation over time. The development route is positive and focused on the widespread adoption of Usdex in a responsible manner.

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