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CMAQ Documentation

This directory contains documentation for the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system. While documentation is packaged with the code when it is downloaded or cloned, users are encouraged to go online to view the latest version.

The following documents are available for each CMAQ release:

  • Release Notes: Technical notes on the new features and science in this release of CMAQ are available on the CMAQ Wiki.

  • CMAQ User's Guide: Instructions on how to set up and run the model and information on CMAQ's different science options and instrumented versions.

  • Tutorials: Included with the User's Guide, a series of short tutorials provide practical examples of how to set up and run CMAQ, exercise different features in the software, and better understand the software system.

  • Chemical Mechanism Tables: Tables of model species and chemical reactions in each chemical mechanism available in the most recently released version of CMAQ.

  • Developers' Guide: A guide to version control practices and expectations adopted by the CMAQ development team and enforced on itself and any other collaborators who wish to contribute code.