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Welcome to the EPA Metadata Editor 5.0 wiki!

EPA’s Metadata Editor version 5.0 (EME v5.0) is a custom software tool that aids the practical documentation of geospatial datasets. EME v5.0 assists GIS professionals in creating, editing, and validating metadata that complies with EPA’s Metadata Technical Specification , ISO’s 19115 standard endorsed by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), and OMB’s Project Open Data (POD) schema. EME v5.0 is EPA’s customization of Esri’s ArcCatalog metadata editor and creates ISO/POD-compliant ArcGIS Metadata.

Key Features

EME 5.0 is EPA’s customization of Esri’s ArcCatalog metadata editing tools and functions completely within ArcCatalog. EME 5.0 includes all the features derived from the seamless integration between geospatial data and metadata in ArcCatalog along with these added benefits:

  • Mandatory fields highlighted, helping eliminate validation errors.
  • EPA-specific dropdowns provided for many metadata fields reduce guesswork.
  • Metadata field entries meet all EPA and compliance requirements.
  • Geospatial metadata authors now have a tool that fully implements the ISO metadata standard.
  • EPA’s Geospatial Metadata Style Guide written specifically for EME v5.0, provides detailed guidance and recommendations for metadata field entries.

In addition to the above benefits, this new version of EME provides advantages over previous versions:

  • Consolidation of records: Only one metadata record required for all distribution methods (web service, data download)
  • Real-time validation of metadata field entries.

EME 5.0 Technology Details:

EME Installation Prerequisites

  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.3 (or higher)
  • EME is a customization of ArcCatalog, which is a part of the ArcGIS Desktop Suite.
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