ESPA module for cloud masking - (No longer maintained 2017-05-15)
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ESPA Cloud Masking - Release Notes

Release Date: February 2017

See git tag [2017_Feb]

This project contains application source code for producing Cloud Mask products.

Implemented Algorithms

CFMASK - Function of Mask (Algorithm)

  • Implemented in C

  • This software is based on the Matlab code developed by Zhe Zhu, and Curtis E. Woodcock. FMask Version 3.3.1

    • Zhu, Z. and Woodcock, C. E., Object-based cloud and cloud shadow detection in Landsat imagery, Remote Sensing of Environment (2012), doi:10.1016/j.rse.2011.10.028
    • More information from the algorithm developers can be found here.
  • See folder cfmask for the Landsat 4, 5, 7, and 8 version.

Release Notes

Please see the Wiki pages or Release Tags for notes related to past versions.

  • cfmask
    • Version changes
    • Updated for new brightness temperature band naming

Installation Notes

Installation of Specific Algorithms

Please see the installation instructions for the algorithm.

Installation of All Algorithms


Environment Variables

  • Required for building this software
export PREFIX="path_to_Installation_Directory"
export XML2INC="path_to_LIBXML2_include_files"
export XML2LIB="path_to_LIBXML2_libraries_for_linking"
export LZMALIB="path_to_LZMA_libraries_for_linking"
export ZLIBLIB="path_to_ZLIB_libraries_for_linking"
export ESPAINC="path_to_ESPA_PRODUCT_FORMATTER_include_files"
export ESPALIB="path_to_ESPA_PRODUCT_FORMATTER_libraries_for_linking"

Build Steps

  • Clone the repository and replace the defaulted version(master) with this version of the software
git clone
cd espa-cloud-masking
git checkout <version>
  • Build and install the application specific software
make install


Please see the usage instructions for the specific algorithm.

More Information

This project is provided by the US Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Land Satellite Data Systems (LSDS) Science Research and Development (LSRD) Project. For questions regarding products produced by this source code, please contact the Landsat Contact Us page and specify USGS CDR/ECV in the "Regarding" section.