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TRace Plot Real-time (TRPR): network statistic plotting tool for MGEN, tcpdump, ns-2
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     TRace Plot Realtime (trpr) Distribution (2.1b10)


This directory contains the source code and documentation for the "trpr" program which analyzes trace files, provides statistics and histograms and allows for graphical display of analytical results. Trpr supports trace (log) files produced by the following programs:

tcpdump (using tcpdump's hexadecimal (-x) output)

mgen (NRL's "Multi-generator" message generation program)

ns-2 (The Berkeley/ISI network simulation tool.

"Trpr" has filter options and can display plots for different "flows" of data (defined by protocol type, source, and destination). "Trpr" provides built-in support for display of graphical data using the "gnuplot" plotting program, but its output may also be plotted using other graphing tools.


README.TXT - this file.

trpr.cpp - C++ source code for the "trpr" program

trpr.html - "Trpr" User's Guide.

hcat.cpp - C++ source code for "hcat", the histogram concatenation program.


g++ -o trpr trpr.cpp -lm

g++ -o hcat hcat.cpp -lm

OR: "make -f Makefile.linux"

HCAT Usage:

The Histogram Concatenator ("hcat") is useful for post-processing the histogram output produced by "trpr". "hcat" can be used to combine multiple histograms and to retrieve some summary statistics from the histogram data.


hcat [normalize] [percent [:]] file1 [file2 file3 ...]


normalize - The minimum bin is adjusted to correspond to zero. Other bins are correspondingly linearly adjusted.

percent [:] - Calculates the percentage of data points lying in the specified range.

The are expected to contain histogram data in pairs of data in the order of minimum bin to maximum bin, with the first value of the pair specifying the bin and the second value specifying the number of data points for that histogram bin. Lines beginning with '#' are ignored as comments.


TRPR IPv6 support is still a bit "kludgy". I plan to re-write TRPR to use my "Protolib" stuff to leverage those address-independent classes and to better support TRPR cross-platform portability. Meanwhile, some notes:

  1. For MGEN IPv6 flows, you can (and may have) to use abbreviated IPv6 addresses in your flow descriptions provided on the command-line.

  2. For tcpdump file analysis, note that full (non-abbreviated) IPv6 address syntax MUST be used.

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