USTVnow Channel Plugin for Plex Media Server
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USTVnow Plex Channel Plugin

USTVnow Channel Plugin for Plex Media Server


This plugin for Plex Media Server allows you to watch content available at USTVnow using any supported Plex client Application.


These steps assume you have an existing Plex Media Server and you are already using the Plex app on a Smart TV or streaming media device.

  • Locate the Plex channel plugin directory on your personal Plex Media Server
  • Install the official USTVnow channel plugin:
  • Restart your Plex Media Server so the new plugin is detected
  • Open the USTVnow channel inside a Plex App on your Smart TV or streaming media device
  • Start the linking process to link your USTVnow account with your Plex player by locating the Link code image.
  • Scan the code with a “QR reader” using the camera of your smartphone. If you don’t have a QR reader app, you can try i-nigma or any other free app.
  • Open the webpage URL that was read by the QR reader and when prompted, login to your USTVnow account or Sign-up for a free account if you do not already have one.
  • After logging-in or signing-up you will be asked to confirm the link code and this will complete the linking process. The confirmation button is not initially visible on your smartphone screen and you will have to scroll-down to see the button.
  • Return to the Plex app on your Smart TV or streaming media device; and exit/re-enter the USTVnow channel in order for the channel to sync with your USTVnow account
  • Start watching TV by selecting The “Playing Now” or “Channel Guide” option on the USTVnow channel.