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Judge Script for Moodle-uploaded Codes



You should set up some parameters before using this judge.

  • EXE: name of executable file made after compiling the codes
  • COMPILER: compile command
    You may use $EXE in the command.
  • VERBOSE: boolean variable to show verbose diff using VERBOSE_DIFF_TOOL on test failure
  • DEST_DIR: path to extract downloaded zip from moodle (See below)
  • TEMP_DIR: path to save outputs of compiled codes
  • INPUT_DIR: path to read inputs of test-cases
  • SOL_DIR: path to correct solutions of test-cases
  • JUDGE_DIR: path to special judges (See below)
  • INPUT_EXT: extension of inputs of test-cases
  • SOL_EXT: extension of correct solutions of compiled codes
  • OUT_EXT: extension of outputs of compiled codes
  • JUDGE_EXT: extension of special judges
  • CODE_ADDR: address of code to judge
    Default is $2 for second argument.
  • TIME_LIM: time limit for each test-case
  • VERBOSE_DIFF_TOOL: difftool to use on test failure when VERBOSE is true
  • DIFF_TOOL: normal difftool to judge the answers
  • HAS_SPECIAL_JUDGE: array of _question_name_‌s with special judge

For example, for default parameters, there should be a folder structure like:

├── data
│   ├── 0
│   │   ├──
│   │   ├── 1.sol
│   │   ├──
│   │   ├── 2.sol
│   ├── 1
│   │   ├──
│   │   ├── 01.sol
│   ├── 1.judge
└── temp

Special Judge

It's possible to use custom special judge instead of simple diff to judge the codes; e.g. in situations which there is many correct solutions.

Special judge should be an executable file which can be run like:

./judge <output_file> <solution_file>

It should return (not print) 0 on Accept and 1 or any more-than-zero exit code on Wrong Answer. It should has got $JUDGE_EXT extension and should be on path $JUDGE_DIR.
Remember that in this case, solution_file can be any file, not necessarily a correct answer.

Remember to add question_name to HAS_SPECIAL_JUDGE to use special judge instead of $DIFF_TOOL.


  • show help
./ -h
./ --help
  • unzip the file which is downloaded by Download all submissions button from Moodle Assignment
./ -u <codes_archive_addr>
./ --unzip <codes_archive_addr>
  • judge the code
./ <question_name> <code_file>


Please see contribution guide to contribute to this project.


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