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The SSL certificates for all web applications on the UTN servers are provided by Let's Encrypt. This initiative provides free short term SSL certificates for all websites. Let's Encrypt certificates can be aquired using certbot, an automated Let's Encrypt client. Installation instructions can be found on the certbot website. We currently do not use the automatic NGINX configuration functionality of certbot. This is because certbot overrides the NGINX configuration we have added via ansible when we created the sites.

Create a new certificate

A new certificate can be easily acquired using the following command sudo certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/XXXXX/public -d XXXXX, where XXXXX is replaced by the domain name of the applicaton.


On moore, you must use the following command since the structure is a bit different: sudo certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/moore/src/media --cert-name -d To add more domain names, add -d to the end of the command for all domains you want to add. To remove a domain, run this command with all current domains except for the ones you want to remove. [documentation]

Remove an existing certificate

Removing an existing certificate is also easy. Use the following command sudo certbot delete --cert-name, where XXXXX is replaced by the domain name of the application.

{{% notice note %}} This assumes that the files are located in the /var/www folder in a folder named after the domain name. It also assumes that the .well-known folder in the web root is readable (which it is in the default UTN NGINX configuration). {{% /notice %}}

The certificates are automatically renewed using cron. To test the renewal run sudo certbot renew --dry-run. In newer version of certbot the a crontask is included in /etc/cron.d/certbot, which runs the renew command twice a day.

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