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UFW stands for Uncomplicated Firewall and is an easy to manage wrapper for IPTables. UTN systems use this firewall as their main firewall.

On most UTN systems the following ports/services, referred to as rules, are allowed (both on IPv4 and IPv6):

  • ssh, to enable SSH access to the server.
  • 80/tcp, to access the server over HTTP.
  • 443/tcp, to access the server over HTTPS.

{{% notice warning %}}

Do not enable 25/tcp unless the mail server (Postfix), is secured against foreign authentication.

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Useful commands

The commands you should keep in mind when working with UFW are the following:

  • ufw allow [rule], to allow access for connections matching the rule.
  • ufw delete allow [rule], to delete a previously created rule.
  • ufw show added, to show the rules to be added on reload.
  • ufw enable, to enable UFW.
  • ufq status, to see the currently enforced rules.

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These commands need to be run as the root user.

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