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node.js library for creating and manipulating Oxford Common File Layout repositories
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This is a pre-alpha nodejs library implement the (emerging) Oxford Common File Layout specification.


This is for Javascript/Nodejs developers who know how to work with asyncronous libraries. Until we build up a proper set of examples and documentation, the tests and demo script show how to use the library.


This is pre-alpha code which works but is not a complete implementation of the spec.

What's working:

  • Initialising a new (in an exsiting empty directory) or existing OCFL repository of version 1.0.
  • Adding content from a directory to the the repository with an ID - the repository can store OCFL objects using Pairtree.
  • Adding a new version of an object be inporting a new directory with the same ID.
  • List all objects


Install via git

  1. Get the code: git clone
  2. Install it
    cd ocfl-js
    npm install .
  3. Check that it works, but running the the tests

Running the tests will create an example repository in ./test-data called ocfl1 with a single item in it with 4 versions.

What we've got so far

Some tests. Run them with: mocha

A demo script that shows usage - how to intialise a repository (in an empty directory) and add some simple file based content, then export all (two of) the objects in the repository in all their versions.

Run the demo by typing: node demo.js

Inspect the output in demo/export

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