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module Language.UHC.JScript.JQuery.Draggable where
import Language.UHC.JScript.Prelude
import Language.UHC.JScript.ECMA.Bool
import Language.UHC.JScript.Primitives
import Language.UHC.JScript.Types
import Language.UHC.JScript.JQuery.JQuery
data Draggable = Draggable { scroll :: JSBool, containment :: JSString,
revert :: JSBool, revertDuration :: Int,
scrollSensitivity :: Int,
start :: JUIEventHandler}
data JSDraggablePtr
type JSDraggable = JSPtr JSDraggablePtr
draggable :: JQuery -> Draggable -> IO ()
draggable jq drag =
do jsdrag <- mkJSDraggable drag
_draggable jq jsdrag
foreign import jscript "{}"
mkJSDraggable :: Draggable -> IO JSDraggable
foreign import jscript "%1.draggable(%2)"
_draggable :: JQuery -> JSDraggable -> IO ()
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