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-- | Binding for the jquery-ajaxq library by Oleg Podolsky.
-- It can be found at:
module Language.UHC.JScript.JQuery.AjaxQueue (ajaxQ) where
import Language.UHC.JScript.Primitives
import Language.UHC.JScript.Types
import Language.UHC.JScript.ECMA.String
import Language.UHC.JScript.JQuery.Ajax
import Language.UHC.JScript.Assorted (alert, _alert)
-- | Partial application of the backend for use with the AjaxQueue library
ajaxQ :: (JS r, JS v) => String -> AjaxOptions a -> v -> AjaxCallback r -> AjaxCallback r -> IO ()
ajaxQ queuename = ajaxBackend (_ajaxQ $ toJS queuename)
foreign import jscript "$.ajaxq(%*)"
_ajaxQ :: JSString -> JSPtr a -> IO ()
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