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Utrecht Haskell Compiler -- first release, version 1.0.0
The UHC team is happy to announce the first public release of the
Utrecht Haskell Compiler (UHC). UHC supports almost all Haskell98
features plus many experimental extensions. The compiler runs on MacOSX,
Windows (cygwin), and various Unix flavors.
* Multiple backends, including a bytecode interpreter backend and a
GRIN based, full program analysing backend, both via C.
* Experimental language extensions, some of which have not been
implemented before.
* Implementation via attribute grammars and other high-level tools.
* Ease of experimentation with language variants, thanks to an
aspect-oriented internal organisation.
Getting started & Download
UHC is available for download as source distribution via the UHC home
Here you will also find instructions to get started.
Status of the implementation
Like any university project UHC is very much work in progress. We feel
that it is mature and stable enough to offer to the public, but much
work still needs to be done; hence we welcome contributions by others.
UHC grew out of our Haskell compiler project (called Essential Haskell
Compiler, or EHC) over the past 5 years. UHC internally is organised as
a combination of separate aspects, which makes UHC very suitable to
experiment with; it is relatively easy to build compilers for
sublanguages, or to generate related tools such as documentation
generators, all from the same code base. Extensions to the language can
be described separately, and be switched on or of as need arises.
Although we think that the compiler is stable enough to compile
subtantial Haskell programs, we do not recommend yet to use it for any
serious development work in Haskell. We ourselves use the GHC as a
development platform! We think however that it provides a great platform
for experimenting with language implementations, language extensions,
Mailing lists
For UHC users and developers respectively:
Bug reporting
Please report bugs at:
The UHC Team
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