call to error fails in runtime #10

spockz opened this Issue Nov 26, 2012 · 1 comment

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Something that leads to error throws an exception at runtime. In variant 101 it leads to a plain JS error Uncaught #<Object>, in the debug version (variant 99) it gives this error: Uncaught (A1#27'F1#17'UHC.Base.ErrorCall@args#1=(|(A0#13'F0#12'Main._5_2@args#0=(||))|)).

The only thing that is needed is this:

module Main where

main = error "This goes wrong"

This is an issue because you are not able to identify what went wrong when you run your program, you only know that it crashed. Furthermore the JS runtime shouldn't crash when an error is thrown.

UU CS Department member

Fixed in [master cd6113b].

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