Wordpress plugin for creating new versions of somebody else's posts
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=== Persistent Forking (WordPress plugin) ===
Contributors: UUDigitalHumanitiesLab
Tags: forking, forks, posts
Requires at least: 4.0
Tested up to: 4.3
License: MIT
License URI: http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Enable contributors to create permanent forks of existing posts.
Visualise the family of any fork.

== Description ==

Persistent Forking allows contributors of your site to create
permanent "forks" of existing posts. Every fork is a full-fledged
post in its own right and can be published as such. This
distinguishes Persistent Forking from the *Post Forking* plugin,
where forks are a collaborative tool in order to arrive at a single
definitive version. The parent-child relationships between posts are
tracked and it is possible to visualise the entire family tree of a

== Installation ==

Just copy the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory, then
enable the plugin in your admin panel.

== Screenshots ==

1. Forking controls are added to the top of every post. This is only visible for members of your site who can create posts.
2. When you click the "Fork" control, a new post is created and you are redirected to the editing form. The direct parent and the family are displayed in a metabox (red circle). The title of the parent post is copied with "[fork]" in front. As you can see, post contents are not copied over to the fork.
3. When you click the "Show family" control, all parent-child relations within the family are displayed in a tree diagram. You can click on a node to go to the corresponding post.

== Support ==

Please report any issue that you find while using the plugin at our
GitHub repository:


The first priority of the Digital Humanities Lab is to service
requests from Humanities researchers at Utrecht University. However,
the plugin is open source with a liberal license, so anyone can
provide a patch if we don't follow up on your issue.

If you are interested in (Digital) Humanities, please have a look at
our website: