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Name Computing ID Thing you did over break
Mark Sherriff mss2x Took Sammy to first UVA basketball game
Tarun Saharya ts4pe Watched a bunch of YouTube videos
Hunter Murphy bhm5zr Played a lot of Mario Kart
Michael Venter myv4me Went to New Zealand, found a rather suspicious ring.
Laura Maimon lcm4fe Went to San Fransisco to see my sister
Susannah Jones msj6nb Visited the west coast (San Francisco) for the first time
Nanzhu chen nc2ta Conducted a tour of (parts of) DC for my Aussie mate.
Joshua Ya jy2xj Went to Museum of the Bible in DC with my family
Franklin Amaya fa8ey Took a j-term in North Carolina
Tyler Handley tmh6de Played games with family and housesit (sat?) a puppy
Shabad Sobti sss5fy Went back home to India
Brady Zhang bwz3kt Learned web development at an internship
Lucas Abelanet loa7ep Was in Paris under the rain
Sajal Rohatgi sr9se Was in San Francisco and Monterey escaping the cold
Cynthia Cabrera csc5nz Took a j-term class
Amanda Nguyen ann6vr Got my wisdom teeth removed
Philip Yu pcy7nd Went to Myrtle Beach
Vamshi Garikapati vkg5xt Binge watched Netflix and learned some Swift
Sara Inglis ski5uc Worked at my internship from last summer
Daniel Brown dsb9ef Went to Texas to see the FCS Football Championship
Josie Li jl9gf Went snowboarding and skiing.
James Fay jrf6xh Went skiing
Travis Moe tbm4xd Had heart surgery
Patrick Myers pem5rm Spent time with family
Graham Rebhun gwr8xc Played the new Legend of Zelda on the Switch
Charles Buyas cjb8qf 100 Percent Completion on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
William Will wbw4sv Slept
Andrew Shi as4ac Went to Japan with friends
Andrew Smith als5ev Snowboard at Sunday River
Marina Sanusi mgs9y Visited friends in DC and New York
Braeden Wist bmw2dh Finally finished Divinity: Original Sin 2
Claire Veasey cev4gx Went to visit my sister and brother-in-law in the UK
Katherine Yan kjy2kh Went snowboarding in Vermont
Neel Kaushal nk3ek Visited India
Paul Arthaud psa3de Went skiing a couple times
Charles Yu cy4qn Went to Shanghai and saw New Year's fireworks in Hong Kong
Gen Schmitt gks3bx Went to Michigan to visit friends
Robert Fox rjf6tp Visited friends in New Orleans and Birmingham
Bhadra Chembukave bhc9av Went back to India to visit family
Sherry Chan cc4cy Went back to Hong Kong to visit family and went on vacation to the Maldives
Rossi McCall rem8aj Went to England with my family
Claire Dowling cmd6rh Got a puppy!
Talia Lee tl2db Went to Taiwan
Sun Hwang syh2qs Went to Orlando with my friends
Rhea Prahlad rp8jd Travelled to Australia to visit family
Patrick Sanders pts5uu Snowboarded for the first time
Linda Xiong rx5zv Cooked
Mason Au mda5uq went ice fishing
Sarah Overton sko3ar Almost went to Calgary but had my flight cancelled
Juan Palacio jjp6be Made crpyto money
Chun Tseng ct5na Went home to see family
Debbie Yoo djy9hq Traveled to Europe for the first time
Chris Liu cdl7an Went to China to visit grandparents
Nick Taylor nmt4qr Bodied some chumps in Rocket League
Mark Manahan mmm5ja Got a mini fridge
James Childress rjc8kt I went to St. Lucia with my family.
Dylan Nguyen dcn3en Relaxed on a Florida Beach
Roman Sharykin rs4da Got rained on in Paris
Taehyun Kim tk9at Took J-Term During the break...
Sarah Bland scb4ga Coded for social impact
Stephen Read sjr2dm went to New York
Mary Graham meg5ed went to Ohio
Parisa Roohafzaii pzr5dy Visited New York City
Michelle Huchette mrh4fe Interned at CAVA
Daniel Thompson djt5pf visited South Carolina
Dan Rose djr8yk Split firewood. A lot of firewood.
Attiya Zafar az8wz Was forced to learn how to cook by my mother
Cristopher Serrano cas5tu I was in Panamá visiting family & traveling
Elliott Kim ek4tx Went snowboarding
Philips Samuel pcs4fk I spent time with visiting cousins from Canada
Colvin Miklovic crm4ur I worked at Harris
Aadil Abbas aa4zw I went to a Wedding
Jiahong Chen jc4tf went to Seattle
Sam Prescott sbp9as I took up yoga. It's really great!
Karan Dhillon ksd9tr Went to canada!