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Simple .Net Application Updater Written in VB.NET
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Simple Windows .Net Updater


MainApp runs updater--->updater checks for updates to itself:

If update found for updater:

Run daemon--->daemon closes updater--->downloads update to updater and updates it-->opens updater and closes itself.

Updater agains check for updates

if no update found for updater:

Asks user to close main app-->Downloads updates for main app-->updates main app-->opens main app-->closes itself.


This never updates, use a url path to somewhere you know might not change for a VERY long time, such as your personal website.

Knowning which files changed from your previous Update

By default the app does no hashchecking on it's simply overwrites if it finds a file with same name. So how do you know which files have changed from your previous update?

Nirsoft comes to the rescue again with a great app:

Check the hash of your app files with the ones previously released in an update. All additional files should just be added obviously.

If your app is in a git could use that too.

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