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Topology editing extension to Leaflet.draw. Video demo can be found on YouTube.

##Getting started The plugin can be initialized as so:

L.Edit.Topology.init(map, layer, options);


Parameter Type Required Description
map true The map being used
layer LayerGroup, FeatureGroup, or GeoJson true The layer for which the topological relationships should be preserved
options L.icon false Object with one key - icon. Used for defining a custom drag handle for editing.

Example map

// Initialize a map
var map = new"map").setView([38.5, -105], 6);

// Add a tile layer
L.tileLayer('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
  maxZoom: 18,
  attribution: ' ©2012 Esri & Stamen, Data from OSM and Natural Earth'

// Load a GeoJSON file
$.getJSON("data.geojson", function(data) {

  // Create, style, and add a GeoJson layer
  var geojson = L.geoJson(data, {
    style: {
      fillColor: '#777',
      color: '#444',
      weight: 3,
      opacity: 0.8

  // Enable topology editing on the GeoJSON layer and use a custom marker
  L.Edit.Topology.init(map, geojson, {
    "icon": new L.Icon({
      iconUrl: '../src/icons/marker_blk.svg',
      iconSize: [12, 12]



Demo can be found in the test folder.


git clone
cd Leaflet.draw.topology
npm install
git clone node_modules/Leaflet.Snap

To validate and minify the JavaScript and CSS, run grunt


All code unique to this plugin uses a CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication. It would be nice if you cited the author(s), but it is not necessary. Leaflet.draw and Leaflet.Snap are used under an MIT License, and Leaflet.GeometryUtil is used under a BSD License.