GroupID based AuthZ management plugin for Nexus
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GroupID Authorization Management

This plugin adds a simply workflow UI around permissioning read/write access to specific GroupIDs within Nexus. There are no custom Realms here but just some code and UI to make doing all of the underlying Nexus Target, Priviledge and Role creation more sane.

Plugin Installation

Copy nexus-groupid-management-plugin-X.Y.Z.jar to $NEXUS_BASE/sonatype-work/nexus/plugin-repository/nexus-groupid-management-plugin-X.Y.Z/nexus-groupid-management-plugin-X.Y.Z.jar

Plugin Configuration

The plugin stores its configuration in $NEXUS_BASE/sonatype-work/nexus/conf/gidm-plugin.xml. The file will be created automatically if it does not exist.

Example Usage

For example if I want to manage the "" GroupId:

  • I would add it via the plugin's GroupId management UI
  • Find the user(s) I want to give access to the GroupId and add either the GIDM: - DEPLOYER or GIDM: - READONLY Roles

All repositories marked as "managed" by the plugin will be affected by these permissions.