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#Tripzza This application makes planning your trip, as easy as planning your pizza; not that pizza planning is easy. This single page web app will enable you to Search information online and Save it for future references. Key aspects of this SPA are: • Better Organization • Contextualizing Content Saving • Efficient Sharing • Remote Collaboration • Responsive- Browser and OS independent Use Tripzza to make better decisions with regards to travel. We are still in beta, so please be nice. Organize your trips here!

#Who should care? Why? “Collaborate – Brainstorm – Decide” From subscribers of lonely planet to group-discount hunters, Tripzza is perfect for travelers who want to spend some time planning in order to experience a great trip. Our ideal user would be students interested in traveling. From searching the entire internet for travel inspirations, discounts, and things to do, to saving these links with description for contextual future referencing.

#Typical Tripzza User Flow

  1. Decide a location
  2. Planning a trip is better with friends- create a shared folder in DropBox
  3. Start collaborating with fellow planners
  4. Search for different sources of information
  5. Save relevant content sources into the DropBox folder structure with descriptions
  6. Tag the saved content choosing custom color
  7. Revisit the stored links by referencing them using added context
  8. View content saved by your friends on the same shared path using Tripzza
  9. Delete irrelevant links at anytime

#Planned Feature List Priority One

  1. Search the internet for content using Google Custom Search Engine API
  2. Save the links with custom description and to the location where it is most appropriate
  3. Operate on DropBox folder structure
  4. Create “New Folder” in the DropBox with personally customized display text, different from folder name
  5. Color Tagging functionality for adding more context to the saved links.
  6. Delete links

Priority Two

  1. Share the data with friends
  2. Save changes by different users and reflect them on the app

Priority Three (Not Yet Implemented)

  1. Add custom comments/tags on the shared content

#Current Status Fully Implemented up to Priority Two features.