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Data analysis for UWCHR report using ICE Air ARTS database.
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A project analyzing data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Alien Repatriation and Transfer System (ARTS) for the report Hidden in Plain Sight: ICE Air and the Machinery of Mass Deportation by the University of Washington Center for Human Rights.

Report contents

Repository description

This repo uses Git LFS.

This project uses "Principled Data Processing" techniques and tools developed by @HRDAG; see for example "The Task Is A Quantum of Workflow."

Tasks in this project are designed to be executed using the recursive make tool makr.

Task structure

  • import/ - Convenience task for importing ICE Air ARTS dataset. Input files in import/input/ have been previously renamed to remove spaces in filenames, converted to CSV with pipe separator (|), and compressed using Gzip. Input files are symlinked to import/output/ and then to input/ of downstream tasks for modification and analysis. Original Excel files as released by ICE can be found on UWCHR's Google Drive. These raw files are excluded from the repository due to their size.
  • optimize/ - Determines optimal Python/Pandas data types for each field in the original dataset and outputs this as a YAML dictionary used and modified in downstream tasks.
  • clean/ - Standardizes selected field values in clean/hand/clean.yaml; fixes missing and bad airport data; removes duplicate passenger records. Outputs full ICE Air ARTS dataset, after cleaning, as a Gzipped CSV file at clean/output/ice-air.csv.gz
  • analyze/ - Contains various exploratory Jupyter notebooks and R Markdown. These notebooks and their outputs are exploratory and do not necessarily reflect the findings of UWCHR's report.
    • analyze/output/ contains various versions of figures and data subsets; currently none of these are used in any downstream tasks.
  • write/ - Writes out reports to HTML using Pweave. All analysis, figure generation, etc. takes place in write/src/.
  • share/ - Contains various hand-written files and resources shared by multiple other tasks.
  • docs/ - Contains HTML documentation published at


  • Clean up and annotate analyis notebooks.
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