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Used for implementing OIDC with the UW IdP
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Python OIDC with UW IdP

This project implements the OIDC Certified RP Python module pyoidc for server based Python Flask applications using Flask-pyoidc.

Setup - Running Locally Docker

  1. Choose a domain that you will use, it should look like this and be also registered with the IdP as a redirect URL ... http://[your domain]/redirect_uri.
  2. Add [your domain] to /etc/hosts
  3. Copy .env-tmp to .env and add real values making sure SERVER_NAME matches [your domain].
  4. docker build -t oidc-python:latest .
  5. docker run --env-file .env -p 80:8000 oidc-python
  6. Open http://[your domain]

Setup - Running in Minikube

  1. Install and start minikube, make sure your context is minikube kubectl config current-context

  2. Tell minikube to use your local docker eval $(minikube docker-env)

  3. Build the image docker build -t oidc-python:latest .

  4. Create a kubernetes secret.

    echo "actual client id" > OIDC_CLIENT
    echo "actual client secret" > OIDC_SECRET
    echo "actual flask session key" > SECRET_KEY
    kubectl create secret generic oidc-python --from-file=./OIDC_SECRET --from-file=./OIDC_CLIENT --from-file=./SECRET_KEY
  5. Create a service.yml and deployment.yml using /examples/kubernetes

  6. Apply the yml kubectl apply -f ./examples/kubernetes/

  7. Make a request to /, you should not get a 404 curl $(minikube service oidc-python --url)

  8. You can also load this in the browser by getting the url minikube service oidc-python --url and then add to your /etc/hosts file that url:port like [url:port] [your domain].

Setup - Running in Kubernetes

  1. Configure docker to use gcloud gcloud auth configure-docker

  2. Tag and push

    docker build -t .
    docker push
  3. Use deployment and service located at

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