Data collection and visualization framework
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Data collection and visualization framework

Glimpse Visualizer

This is a visualizer for data collected through GlimpseData.

Data Preparation

Collected data is stored /sdcard/glimpse/[DATE]

So, create a directory and copy data from the sdcard.

mkdir MYDATA
adb pull /sdcard/glimpse/[DATE]

First you need to convert data. in the MYDATA directory, run to get list of photos.

python ../ > pic_list.txt

Audio file is stored in .3gp, you need to change it into wav, and txt.

ffmpeg -i audio.3gp audio.wav
python ../ audio.wav > audio.txt

Finally, you need to create .json file to indicate which directory to use and starttime of the audio file. To get timestamp when the audio recording started, see sensor.txt and use timestamp after #start. See example.json for formatting.

{"dir": "example", "media_start":1394527030147}


Now everything is prepared. It can run on any web server, if you don't have one, you can run through python simpleHTTPServer from the glimpse_viz directory.

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Open a webbrowser and enter URL like[JSON]

If you don't input data parameter, it uses an example to illustrate.