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COM8 committed Sep 29, 2019
1 parent 5b3d0ea commit c96e7d9d4abf4790426561f17cb6970840fe8988
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  2. +24 −15 UWPX_UI/Strings/en-US/Resources.resw
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ public static class SettingsConsts
public const string INITIALLY_STARTED = "initially_started";
public const string HIDE_INITIAL_START_DIALOG_ALPHA = "hide_initial_start_dialog_alpha";
public const string HIDE_WHATS_NEW_DIALOG = "hide_whats_new_dialog_alpha_19";
public const string HIDE_WHATS_NEW_DIALOG = "hide_whats_new_dialog_alpha_20";

public const string APP_REQUESTED_THEME = "app_requested_theme";

@@ -350,10 +350,16 @@ For more up to date information visit:
<data name="WhatsNewDialog_markdown.Text" xml:space="preserve">
<value># [September 2019] OMEMO Fingerprints 🔑🐠
<value># [October 2019] OMEMO Breakthrough 🐠

Here we go again. A brand new releases with a bunch of fixes and a couple new features is here. This month the feature that took the most time and effort is **OMEMO fingerprint trust management**. It adds the option to trust OMEMO fingerprints by just scanning other peoples QR Codes. Other UI related changes include the addition of info buttons for the chat settings page.
Other than that there are no big UI related changes since I'm working on adding [XMPP IoT]( support and trying to come up with a robust [XEP]( for that.
The latest update to [SQLite-net]( by @praeclarum fixed some critical issues. Before that the database backend of [UWPX]( was loosing entries (**especially OMEMO keys!**) from time to time. **This has now finally been fixed** (
With those fixes I was able to remove **a lot** of DB overhead that was reducing the data loss to a minimum. So you can expect a noticeable bump in performance in some cases from that!
OMEMO now should finally work like expected.
**With this update all OMEMO keys are getting regenerated to compensate for potential losses in earlier version of UWPX. So make sure you send all your buddies a short message. This will then replace all existing old (and broken) OMEMO sessions with a new one.**

Other than that I'm still working on a revamp for [XMPP-IoT]( Not to much cool stuff to report here since I'm working on a lot of background stuff for that at the moment (e.g. Bluetooth helper, ...).

Oh, right one more thing: I started working on replacing the old MUC info dialog with a new one that matches the current app style. It's far from being done but the basics should be done so stay tuned for further updates on that

**Please report bugs [here](!**

@@ -370,23 +376,26 @@ Follow [@UWPX_APP]( on ![Twitter](

### Known bugs
* Not receiving offline messages [#27](
* MUC nickname changing not working [#29](
* MUC subject changing leads to an account disconnect [#34](
* MUC Errors broken [#58](
* Chat image downloads not updating [#69](

### Changes:
* Added OMEMO fingerprint trust management for chats only at the moment
* Added chat settings info buttons
* Added a chat option to change when the account color block is shown
* Added mouse back button support
* Updated the content dialog background to a blur brush
* Hiding the vibration setting if no vibration is available
* Fixed hardware back button behavior
* Fixed only clearing logs and image cache if you actuality confirmed it 🙃
* Fixed Main Thread async [#40](
* Fixed JID case sensitivity issue [#67](
* Added a first version of the new MUC info dialog
* Added XEP-0060 Affiliation request support
* Added experimental XMPP IoT Bluetooth registration support
* Improved JID input control usability
* Fixed DB loosing entries (OMEMO keys)
* Fixed "Enter to send" not working [#70](
* MUC nickname changing not working [#29](
* Fixed changing the application theme changes to the wrong theme until the next restart
* Fixed not setting the item ID to "current" for OMEMO device publish
* Drastic QR-Code scanner performance improvements
* Improved the DB performance
* Removed the "Clip" button from the chat window since it is not implemented yet

[Click to view/read on on GitHub](</value>
[Click to view/read on on GitHub](</value>

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