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A WIP secure XMPP client for UWP (Windows 10) devices.
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UWP-XMPP-Client - Now with OMEMO 🐠 support read on...

[This app is still in alpha stage!]

Chat with all your XMPP contacts.

UWPX is a secure and Open Source XMPP app for all your UWP (Windows 10) devices.

It implements the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). At the moment UWPX is still in ALPHA state so expect regular crashes and unexpected behavior.

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Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. ToDo
  3. Alpha/Beta tester
  4. Installation
  5. Examples
  6. References


Name XEPs
Data Forms XEP-0004
Service Discovery XEP-0030
MUC XEP-0045
Bookmarks XEP-0048
Publish-Subscribe XEP-0060
Chat State XEP-0085
Personal Eventing Protocol XEP-0163
Message Delivery Receipts XEP-0184
Direct MUC Invitations XEP-0249
Message Carbons XEP-0280
Chat Markers XEP-0333
Message Processing Hints XEP-0334
Consistent Color Generation XEP-0392


Name XEPs
vcard-temp XEP-0054
User Avatar XEP-0084
Instant Messaging Intelligence Quotient (IM IQ) XEP-0148
Personal Eventing Protocol XEP-0163
Jingle XEP-0166
Stream Management XEP-0198
Message Archive Management XEP-0313
HTTP File Upload XEP-0363
Mix XEP-0369
OMEMO (status -> #5) XEP-0163 and XEP-0384



There are three ways how you can get access to the app.

1. Microsoft Store:

The simplest way is to just download it via the Microsoft Store.

2. Sideload:

If you don't want to use the Microsoft Store for getting access to UWPX you can also sideload a pre build app.
For this head over to releases and download the latest
Once downloaded, unpack and right click Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 -> Execute with PowerShell to install it.

For this to work you first have to enable Sideload app in your Windows settings! Click here for more information about this.

3. Build it by your own

Short version:

  1. Install Visual Studio 2017
  2. Clone the repo with Visual Studio 2017
  3. Build the project for your target platform (e.g. x64)
  4. Install the app on your target system: Here you can find more information about: How to install UWP apps, using the developer mode.

Long version:

An extended guide on how to build UWP with images to guide you through can be found here.



This project wouldn’t be possible without the great work of all those people working on the libraries used by UWPX. Here you can find a list of all libraries and other references used for the UWPX development. So take a second, head over and take a look at their great work!

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