Gorilla Player Ports configuration

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By default Gorilla should accept connections from any ip address.

Also by default Gorilla uses ports 9014 and 14578. The latter is for server node discovery, using UDP.

IMPORTANT: In order to work properly Gorilla auto discovery must be connected to the same network if your device is on another one then it won't work!

The easiest way to change the port is to edit:


By default this file has something like:

{"serverName":"Gorilla on <YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME>"}

This serverName is just a friendly name for your Gorilla server, it is not related to network stuff. In order to change the port you should add a port as follows:

{"serverName":"Gorilla on <YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME>", "port":8081}

If you want to change the discovery port too you should use:

{"serverName":"Gorilla on <YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME>", "port":8081, "discoveryPort":14579}

After those changes you will need to make an additional change on your Xamarin Studio/Visual studio.

Once you change the "port" you will need to change it in your Xamarin Studio too under:

Preferences > Gorilla Player > Server


And on Visual Studio go to: Tools > Options > Xamarin > Gorila Player