Gorilla Player logs location

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Logs Location

To get Gorilla Player log files please look for the following folder on your computer:


Changing Log Level

By default Gorilla would log only errors or relevant information about what is going on.

In order to better diagnose a problem it is useful to change the log level to a more verbose log mode, like debug, so more information is available in the logs. To change the log level you will need to edit the config.json file located here:


By default this file has something like:

{"serverName":"Gorilla on <YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME>"}

This serverName is just a friendly name for your Gorilla server. In order to change the log level to debug add the logLevel attribute as follows:

{"serverName":"Gorilla on <YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME>", "logLevel":"debug"}

Each time you changed the logLevel you will need to restart Gorilla Player desktop app, for the change to be taken into account.

Important: Once you finish doing the diagnose, remove the logLevel attribute or set it back to info (the default value) to avoid the overhead of writing all those logs.