Installing on Devices

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Before you can preview anything you need to install Gorilla Player in each of the devices you want to preview with. Those can be real devices or emulators. For real devices, there are two ways of installing Gorilla, you can install it directly from the Apple Store or Google Play or you can deploy it yourself. In the case of the emulators, since the application stores are not available, you need to manually deploy Gorilla to them.

Installing Gorilla from the Application Store

To install Gorilla Player on real devices simply scan the QR codes below:


Or use the following links:

Building and Deploying Gorilla yourself

Using Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio, open the Gorilla Player solution located in the Player and Samples location. You can right click the system tray/menu bar icon and select the "Show Player and Sample location" option, which will open the folder in the explorer/finder.


Once the solution is open, set as startup project the Player.Droid or Player.iOS projects, depending on the platform you want to target. Then select the device you want to deploy to, e.g. simulator or real device connected to your machine. And finally just hit play. The player should be build and deployed to the device. The application will look as follows:


Note: By default Gorilla will try to discover the server installed in your desktop machine and establish a connection automatically. In case that doesn't happen you might need need to attempt a manual connection, by entering enter server's IP and the port being listened. Please review the Troubleshooting Connectivity document.

Once the connection is established you will have everything needed to preview on that device. Repeat the process for every device you will be using for your app development and testing.

For more information please check the following video:

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