Interacting with Xamarin Studio

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Interacting with Xamarin Studio


Gorilla Player smoothly integrates with Xamarin Studio making the development experience a real pleasure.

Connecting Xamarin Studio with Gorilla Player

Note: Make sure you have already installed the Gorilla Player Xamarin Studio plugin.

Interacting with Xamarin Studio through Gorilla Player

Once on Xamarin Studio with your project opened follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tools > Connect to Gorilla Player


  1. You should receive a message from Gorilla Player saying that the connection was successful


Note: If your connection cannot be established please refer to troubleshooting section Connecting Gorilla Player mobile app on your device/s

Connecting Gorilla Player mobile app on your device/s

The Gorilla Player mobile app will be the bridge between your code and the single/multiple real or emulated device/s you are using to preview your UI made in Xamarin Forms. On each device you will need to connect, but don't worry, there's an auto discovery feature which is a time saver and will ease your job.

One really cool feature about Gorilla Player is that you can preview on multiple platforms, so you can test how responsive is your design over iPhone and Android -and different models, tablets, phones-.

So, follow these steps on the device:

  1. Tap on the "Server Autodiscovery" button. Then automagically you should get connected.
  2. If that fails or if you need to manually set the IP, then simply tap on the "Manual server setup", then enter the IP on the entry field.


Control your app navigation from Xamarin Studio through Gorilla Player

Once you are connected through Gorilla Player you can start to boost your productivity using Xamarin Studio.

This way every XAML page that you open will be synced with all the connected devices, no matter if they are from different platforms.

Gorilla is a friendly dude and he hates to be lonely so he will follow your steps during your work on this IDE.

These simple steps you need to follow to start previewing:

  1. Open the XAML files from your project.
  2. Once you are editing the file gorilla will sync that preview and whenever you save those changes will be instantly previewed on connected devices.


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