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STC Digital Signage System


Matt Chan's project for IB ITGS HL, May 2013 examinations. Developed for use on information displays in Sha Tin College, Hong Kong.


Google Chrome recommended. A web server or local XAMPP stack required for PHP file uploader.

How to use

  1. Download and open index.html
  2. Modify the parameters in the index.html file to change:

Slideshow settings:

getParameters(<total number of images>,<time interval in ms>,<randomize slideshow Y N>);

RSS slider settings:

ticker(<rss item id>,<rss container id>,<time delay in ms>,<speed in ms>);
  1. Modify the parameters in the feeds.js file to change the RSS links

    var rss=['feed1.rss','feed2.rss','etc',];

To use the PHP uploader, the source files must be run from a server supporting PHP. Download and install a copy of XAMPP, and modify the .htaccess file to point to your password file.

AuthUserFile </absolute/path/to/password>

Consult the Apache docs for information on how to generate the password file.

Reference materials and code

Documentation and How-tos:

RSS feed loader:

RSS slider:


PHP slide uploader: