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CKAN Datastorer Extension

The CKAN Datastorer Extension provides a Celery task for automatically
saving CKAN resources that link to csv and excel files into the datastore.


After activating your pyenv, install the sources via pip:

$ (pyenv) pip install -e git+git://

Install the requirements:

$ (pyenv) pip install -r ckanext-datastorer/pip-requirements.txt

Add the datastorer plugin to your configuration ini file:

ckan.plugins = datastorer <rest of plugins>...

Start the celery daemon. This can be done in development by:

paster celeryd # this is assuming a development.ini file

In production the daemon should be run with a different ini file and be run as an init script. The simplest way to do this is to install supervisor:

apt-get install supervisor

You can use this file as a template and add it to /etc/supservisor/conf.d:

Paster Command

A paster command is available, that lets you archive all resources or just those belonging to a specific package. The command is as follows:

paster datastorer update [package-id]

To queue the update to run in celery, use:

paster datastorer queue [package-id]


You can run the test suite from the ckanext-datastorer directory. The tests require nose, so install it first if you have not already done so:

$ pip install nose

To run the tests, you will need to be running a CKAN instance, and provide the API key of a sysadmin user on the tests configuration file located on:


Note: Make sure that celery is not running during the tests. Otherwise strange errors will occur!

Then, run nosetests from the ckanext-datastorer directory

$ nosetests ckanext/datastorer/tests