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538+ Free Icon Fonts for Web Design

UXWing Icons exclusive collection of carefully crafted icon sets which give a lot of vector icons in one single font.

Powerful Features

Single font for all icons Easy to use & Install Limitless scalable & Retina Ready Fast Loaded - Light weight Easily to apply CSS Use them Locally Supported all major browser No programing language required

Getting Started

  1. Download and extract the font pack
  2. Copy the uxwing-iconsfont.css or uxwing-iconsfont.min.css to your project.
  3. Copy the fonts folder to your project.
  4. Ensure the font urls within CSS properly reference the "fonts" path within your project.
  5. Discover icons from
  6. Apply html code fi fi-classname

How to use icons in your Design

How to use font icon in HTML

How to use font icon in CSS


Version 1.00

  • First release


If you have issues, recommendations, ideas or request new icons please let us know: Here Github OR Send Feedback


MIT Licence and Open Font License.

Note: All brand logos/icons used in UXWing icon project are trademarks of their respective owners/entities. The use of these trademarks does not indicate endorsement of the trademark holder by