A Python script for processing several logfiles. Combines several logfiles, adds LDA topics via gensim, and does some basic statistics in pandas.
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This project represents a Python script for processing several logfiles from a Massive Open Online Course. There were (1) various errors in the logging software (i.e., mysterious duplicates whose instance IDs were different, extra columns on some lines with a URL), (2) general cleaning (i.e., removing test entries, removing entries from our researchers, removing entries outside the course date range), and (3) more complicated post-processing that was necessary (i.e., cross-referencing values from one logfile into another). The code goes two steps further and also assigns an LDA topic to each discussion forum post and runs some basic statistics using pandas.


Runs on Anaconda distribution with python 3+. Will need to install gensim and stop_words for text mining portion.


The main scripts are logfileMOOC.py and statsMOOC.py. Run logfileMOOC.py first, then statsMOOC.py. If you encounter errors you may want to check utilsMOOC.py to ensure all the constants are properly named.


logfileMOOC.py processes the logfiles from their '.log' form to comma separated values file. Does all the cross referencing and counting so we can figure out (for instance) how many helpers a particular user selected in the selection.log.

statsMOOC.py reads in the processed files from logfileMOOC and does some basic statistics using pandas: descriptive statistics, plots, and a few linear models and ANOVA.

utilsMOOC.py a file of constants for running the main scripts (above): filenames, column headers, delimiters, etc. Meant to be modified by the user if any of these things change.

topicModelLDA.py an internal class for creating an LDA topic model and predicting the topic of future documents. Also contains a convenient method for cleaning unwanted characters from a string and turning it into a bag of words to be fed to the model.

QHInstance.py an internal class representing one usage of the QuickHelper system: the users involved, the conditions shown, the number of helpers selected, the message title and body text, etc.


Note: The logfiles contained in this github repository are simulated and not the real data gathered from the experiment.

  • User.log: A line in the Userfile Log represents what user-level variables the user saw (specific information about individual helpers shown is stored in the Helperfile Log).

ex: {"level":"info","message":"(DELIMITER)100(DELIMITER)1413061797181100(DELIMITER)1(DELIMITER)0(DELIMITER)1(DELIMITER)1(DELIMITER)0(DELIMITER)1833503(DELIMITER)2512601(DELIMITER)1657199(DELIMITER)title1(DELIMITER)body1(DELIMITER)","timestamp":"2014-10-11T21:09:57.182Z"} ex: Help Seeker User ID, Instance ID, Badge Shown?, Irrelevant Sentence Shown?, Voting Shown?, Anonymized Image Shown?, User ID Shown?, helper0, helper1, helper2, Question title, Question body

  • Selection.log: A line in the Helperfile Log represents one (of three maximum) of the helpers selected by user

ex: {"level":"info","message":"(DELIMITER)11(DELIMITER)0(DELIMITER)","timestamp":"2014-10-11T21:09:57.211Z"}

  • Helper.log: A line in the Helperfile Log represents all the information specific to the helper that the user saw.

ex: {"level":"info","message":"(DELIMITER)1(DELIMITER)1413061797181100(DELIMITER)8(DELIMITER)http://i58.tinypic.com/2cgymgh.jpg(DELIMITER)3(DELIMITER)This student has been participating in the course for 1 weeks and the matching of his/her interest and the topic of your query is 100.0 .(DELIMITER)","timestamp":"2014-10-11T21:09:57.182Z"}

  • Vote.log: A line in the Helperfile Log represents one (of three maximum) of the helpers selected by user

ex: {"level":"info","message":"(DELIMITER)11(DELIMITER)0(DELIMITER)","timestamp":"2014-10-11T21:09:57.211Z"}

other info

A description of the dataset and collection methods can be found here: www.irishowley.com/website/pMOOChelpers.html An overview of logfile dependencies can be found here: www.irishowley.com/website/pMOOClogfiles.html