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@UberMedic7 UberMedic7 released this Feb 21, 2018 · 7 commits to NEWBRANCH since this release

Considering how there's been a repo overhaul new bugs might occur on this release, be sure to contact me if you are having any problems.

Due to changes in Makefile the rom's filename is now ```patched-crystal`` by default so that it doesnt need to be renamed, to use your old saves, rename them to the new rom's name.


Patched Crystal now uses the latest pokecrystal repo as base

[For developers]: if you run the command make patched-crystal it will build patched-crystal.gbc

Fixed the bugs of the followind items: Thick Club, Light Ball, Metal Powder

Fixed a bug with moves that lower Defense can do so after breaking a Substitute

Fixed a bug where a Disabled but PP Up–enhanced move may not trigger Struggle

Fixed a bug where Beat Up could desynchronize link battles

Fixed a bug where Present damage is incorrect in link battles

Fixed a bug where the AI encourages Mean Look if its own Pokémon is badly poisoned

Fixed a bug where the NPC use of Full Heal or Full Restore does not cure Nightmare status

Fixed a bug where the HP bar animation is slow for high HP

Fixed the HP bar animation off-by-one error for low HP

Fixed a bug where Five-digit experience gain is printed incorrectly

Fixed a bug where Daisy's grooming doesn't always increase happiness

Fixed a bug where Magikarp in Lake of Rage are shorter, not longer

Fixed a bug where Magikarp lengths can be miscalculated

Fixed a bug where Slot machine payout sound effects would cut each other off

Fixed a bug where Team Rocket battle music was not used for Executives or Scientists

Fixed a bug where No bump noise would trigger if standing on tile $3E

Fixed a bug where Playing Entei's Pokédex cry can distort Raikou's and Suicune's

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