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Benchmarks for the AutoHotkey language.
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AutoHotkey Benchmarks.ahk
Benchmarks Combined (shajul).html
Benchmarks v1.0.48.05 ANSI (Morpheus).html
Benchmarks v1.0.48.05 ANSI (Rseding91 Desktop).html
Benchmarks v1.0.48.05 ANSI (Rseding91 Laptop).html
Benchmarks v1.0.48.05 ANSI (tidbit).html
Benchmarks v1.0.48.05 ANSI.html
Benchmarks v1.0.92.02 (Nameless-js).html
Benchmarks v1.0.92.02 (rseding91).html
Benchmarks v1.0.92.02 x64 (rseding91).html
Benchmarks v1.0.95.00.html
Benchmarks v1.0.96.00 ANSI.html
Benchmarks v1.0.97.00 ANSI.html
Benchmarks v1.0.97.02 ANSI.html
Benchmarks v1.1.00.00 ANSI.html
Benchmarks v1.1.02.00 ANSI.html
Benchmarks v1.1.03.00.html
Benchmarks v1.1.04.01 ANSI.html
Benchmarks v1.1.05.00.html
Benchmarks v1.1.05.06 (Rseding91 Desktop).html
Benchmarks v1.1.05.06 (Rseding91 Laptop).html
Benchmarks v1.1.05.06 ANSI (Rseding91 Desktop).html
Benchmarks v1.1.05.06 ANSI (Rseding91 Laptop).html
Benchmarks v1.1.05.06 x64 (Rseding91 Desktop).html
Benchmarks v1.1.05.06 x64 (Rseding91 Laptop).html
Benchmarks v1.1.06.01.html
Benchmarks v1.1.06.02 (Rseding91).html
Benchmarks v1.1.06.02 ANSI (Rseding91).html
Benchmarks v1.1.06.02 x64 (Rseding91).html
Combine Benchmarks.ahk
Combined Benchmarks.html


A collection of benchmarks for various versions of the AutoHotkey scripting language, as well as the AutoHotkey script used to generate them automatically.

Also includes a script to combine two of these generated summaries into one, to ease comparison between two versions of AutoHotkey.

The benchmarks measure the performance of many aspects and features of the language, ranging from file IO and simulating mouse input to matching regular expressions and referencing dynamic variables.
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