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AutoHotkey Help Site -- The XML

AutoHotkey Help Site is a web page that loads from an XML file to produce an interactive help experience.


The XML is the data source for the site. All questions and responces are stored in the XML file. The structure is a bit hard to understand, but would take some work to re-format.

The Format

The format of the file is a root node called 'HELP' which has any number of child OPTION elements.

Each of the OPTION elements has a NAME followed by a DATA. When the user expands an option, by clicking on the NAME, they see the DATA. They also see the NAME elements of each child OPTION.


It looks like this

---name: TextNode Value
---data: TextNode Value
----and so on...

The Editor

XML isn't particularly friendly. So instead you can use an editor written in AutoHotkey.


It's configured exactly like the XML file. It introduces some more user friendly features.

The Buttons

The Save and Load buttons should be pretty self explainatory. To use the New Option button, select an OPTION or the HELP node first. It will be a child of the selected node.


Upload your XML file to any web server. You can even host it on your own server. A free file host that has been tested to work is (http://autohotkey.net).

Then navigate your browser to (http://apps.aboutscript.com/ahkhelp/?xmlurl=%3Cfull-address-to-xml-file%3E) where is a publically reachable URI. For example (http://apps.aboutscript.com/ahkhelp/?xmlurl=http://autohotkey.net/~frankie/test.xml).

When you've tested it, and it it works, fork this repo and commit your file. If you can't use git, you can post a link to it here (http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/topic76455.html).