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AHK Lib v2


  • Must be centralized and secure so code can be trusted.
  • But also must be easy to submit, and easy to accept submissions.
  • Peer elected maintainers review submissions. Less chance of
  • Transparent processes are key.

Code Style Guidelines

  • Clean, well structured code.
  • Code must be wrapped in functions/classes with clear, non-conflicting namespaces.
  • Code must not depend on positioning of #include.
  • Prefer code without side effects. (e.g. unnecessarily and unexpectedly polluting or relying on the global namespace.)
  • Consistent indentation. (4 spaces per indentation?)
  • Consistent brace style. (Allman ?)
  • Exposed interfaces should be documented in a standard way. (doxygen or gendocs?).
  • Exposed interfaces should be mostly stable and not change.
  • Usage examples should be provided.
  • Forum topic on (keep the centralized support)


  • Any script can be submitted for review, and must meet all requirements in the Code Style Guidelines section.
  • All scripts MUST be submitted with a licence and it MUST be included at the top of all files submitted.
  • Group members will peer review the code for style and robustness.
  • Script author is included in the process.
  • Any issues found can be fixed and the script reevaluated.
  • Two peer reviews to make sure any errors are caught early on.
  • Eighty percent majority approval for new scripts to be added into central repository.


  • Automatic download script(s).
  • Autoupdate to the latest for the branch (Basic, L, etc.).
  • Separate branches for each version of AHK (basic, L, v2, etc.).
  • Versions: (say a new version makes breaking changes) Separate files: SuperLib.ahk, SuperLib2.ahk; major versions only.
  • Script author may commit short bug fixes with streamlined review process (only one review needed).


  • (This might be easier with something like gerrit, though more complicated. Future maybe?)
  • Maintainers should seek public opinion on key decisions whenever possible.