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Better installation instructions.

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# New users should see the [tutorial](

If you are using Windows, consider installing this mod using [MODSTER](, a super simple mod installer that will take care of everything for you. If you are using MODSTER, skip directly to step 6 in the instructions below.

There is a nice installation guide over at the [Minetest Wiki]( Here is a short summary:

1. Download the mod from the [official releases page]( The download links are labelled "Source Code". If you are using Windows, you will probably want to download the ZIP version.
2. You should have a file named `` or `SOMETHING.tar.gz`.
3. Extract this file using your archiver of choice. If you are using Windows, open the ZIP file and move the folder inside to a safe place outside of the ZIP file.
4. Make sure that you now have a folder with a file named inside it. If you just have another folder inside this folder, use this nested folder instead.
5. Move this folder into the `MINETEST_FOLDER/mods` folder, where `MINETEST_FOLDER` is the folder Minetest is located in.
6. Open Minetest to a world selection screen.
7. Select a world you want to use WorldEdit in by left clicking on it once, and press the **Configure** button.
8. You should have a mod selection screen. Select the one named something like `Minetest-WorldEdit` by left clicking once and press the **Enable MP** button.
9. Press the **Save** button. You can now use WorldEdit in that world. Repeat steps 7 to 9 to enable WorldEdit for other worlds too.

If you are having trouble, try asking for help in the [IRC channel]( (faster but may not always have helpers online) or ask on the [forum topic]( (slower but more likely to get help).

WorldEdit works primarily through chat commands. Depending on your key bindings, you can invoke chat entry with the "t" key, and open the chat console with the "F10" key.

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