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Home Directory

Your home directory is your own, private directory on the Uberspace host. It is a directory with the same name as your user account, stored within the /home directory. So if your Uberspace account is named isabell, you home directory is /home/isabell.

What Should I Put Here?

The general rule is: Anything you don't want anyone else to see, especially any files you don't want to be accessible by the web server.

Default Files and Folders


The .bash_profile, .bashrc and .bash_logout files are the configuration, startup and logout scripts for the :doc:`Bash Shell <basics-shell>`. .bash_profile is a script that is executed when you log in via :doc:`ssh <basics-ssh>` and will include .bashrc. If you want to run any commands automatically whenever you log in, add them to .bash_profile. .bash_logout is executed when you log out. After your first login, .bash_history will be added automatically and logs all you shell commands so you can re-run them later.

In many contexts, the tilde ~ can be used as a placeholder for your home directory.


The etc folder is reserved for configuration files of any kind:


Within the bin directory executables installed by custom tools or written by yourself can be stored. They can then be called like normal commands.


html is a symbolic link to your :doc:`documentroot <web-documentroot>`. Anything in there is accessible to the web server, and thus to the public.


A directory to store log files.


Your emails and IMAP folders are stored in this directory.


Your additional :doc:`mailboxes <mail-mailboxes>`. This folder only exists if you set up mailboxes with uberspace mail user add.


This is your :doc:`mysql <database-mysql>` settings file.


.qmail files (“dotqmail files”) are used to add email aliases or forwarding addresses.


The .ssh directory contains your :doc:`ssh <basics-ssh>` configuration.


A directory for temporary files.


The configuration file for the :doc:`Z Shell <basics-shell>`.