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PostgreSQL (or Postgres) is an open-source relational database. We provide binaries ready to start your own instance.

Refer to the UberLab guide for details.


Release types

We provide different releases and apply security updates on a regular basis.

Standard version

If you don't select a certain version, our default will be used. We decided to default to the following version:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ uberspace tools version show postgresql
Using 'postgresql' version: 15
[isabell@stardust ~]$

Show available versions

Use uberspace tools version list postgresql to show all selectable versions:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ uberspace tools version list postgresql
- 10
- 11
- 12
- 13
- 14
- 15
[isabell@stardust ~]$

Change version

You can select the version using uberspace tools version use postgresql <version>:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ uberspace tools version use postgresql 12
Selected postgresql version 12
The new configuration is adapted immediately. Minor updates will be applied automatically.
[isabell@stardust ~]$

Update policy

We update all versions on a regular basis. Once the support ends, the branch reaches its end of life (EOL), is no longer supported and will be removed from our servers.

Branch State Supported Until
10 Inactive November 2022
11 Active November 2023
12 Active November 2024
13 Active November 2025
14 Active November 2026
15 Active November 2027