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Every Uberspace account gets its own domain in the form of $ You can setup as many additional domains as you like.


In order to use your own domain for web with your Uberspace, you need to first set it up using our uberspace tool. You can only add fully qualified domain names (FQDNs), wildcard domains are not available. By default, all domains set up on a Uberspace account share the same :ref:`docroot`. Please refer to :ref:`docroot` for instructions on how to use seperate Document Roots for your domains.

[isabell@philae ~]$ uberspace web domain add isabell.example
The webserver's configuration has been adpated.
Now you can use the following records for your dns:
    A ->
    AAAA -> 2a00:d0c0:200:0:b9:1a:9c:37

Once you've set up your domain using the uberspace tool, the tool provides you with the A and AAAA records that need to be configured in your registrar's nameserver.


Any subdomain that you wish to use needs to be added individually. So in order to also use www.isabell.example, you need to run uberspace web domain add www.isabell.example as well.


To remove a domain, use the uberspace tool:

[isabell@philae ~]$ uberspace web domain del isabell.example
The server's configuration has been adapted.


If you want to find out which domains are currently set up for the web server on your Uberspace account, use the uberspace command:

[isabell@philae ~]$ uberspace web domain list

This will list all domains and sub-domains currently set up for this account, including the default $

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