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Additional enhancements for the user experience


  • Hotcorners
  • Quicknote
  • Wallpaper Switcher
  • ShowTime
  • CountDown
  • Automatic Keyboard Layout Switcher
  • Screen Rotation Lock
  • ClockWorks
  • DropBy
  • Kangaroo
  • WeatherShow
  • Trash
  • App-launcher
  • RecentlyUsed
  • Take-A-Break
  • Workspace Stopwatch
  • Fuzzy Clock
  • Brightness Controller
  • Visualspace
  • Applications Menu
  • Network Manager
  • Shuffler

Trash is replaced by the inbuilt version available in v10.8 budgie-desktop and as such is no longer part of the recommended build components.


budgie mini-apps - see the individual components for details

  • Budgie Extras Daemon
  • Budgie Wallstreet
  • Budgie Quickchar (needs the extras daemon as a runtime dependency)
  • Budgie Window Previews (needs the extras daemon as a runtime dependency)
  • Budgie Shuffler (needs the extras daemon as a runtime dependency)
  • Budgie Hotcorners (needs shuffler daemon as a runtime dependency for full functionality)


By default all recommended applets are compiled and installed:

 git clone
 cd budgie-extras
 git submodule init
 git submodule update

 mkdir build && cd build
 meson --buildtype plain --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib
 ninja -v
 sudo ninja install

If individual applets (or groups of applets) are to be compiled and installed use the options described in meson_options.txt i.e. use -Dbuild-recommended=false -Dbuild-appletoption=true

e.g. to build just the hotcorners and weathershow applets (remember to git clone and git submodule etc as above)

 mkdir build && cd build
 meson --buildtype plain -Dbuild-recommendee=false -Dbuild-hotcorners=true -Dbuild-weathershow=true --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib
 ninja -v
 sudo ninja install


We love Budgie-Extras to work across as many distros as possible. Budgie Extras should be packaged as individual applets - NOT as one "budgie-extras" package, so that end users can install one or more applets. Please let us know if your distro has packaged budgie-extras and how to install each applet.

Packaging status

Build/Runtime dependencies

Individual applets/mini apps have build and runtime dependencies. These are described by

Project License

The overall license for the project is GPL-3+. It is important to note, various individual source files varies from this and git-submodules have a separate licensing.

This is covered by