Application Indicator Applet for the budgie-desktop
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AppIndicator applet for budgie-desktop.

Help required to resolve the TODO and ENHANCEMENTS lists

To compile:

sudo apt install git libtool dpkg-dev intltool libtool libgtk-3-dev libido3-0.1-dev libindicator3-dev libpeas-dev budgie-core-dev

git clone
cd budgie-indicator-applet
./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

To run: install the recommended packages

sudo apt install gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1

budgie-panel --replace &

Use Raven to add the applet to the panel.


  • Applet background needs to use panel colour for inbuilt-theme
  • Code cleanup - copyright statements, unused code, change boilerplate budgie-applet
  • Correct debian/copyright
  • check all the build dependencies are actually needed


  • For the applet settings add capability to change indicator order
  • Appindicator spacing is too wide when not using built-in-theme
  • Applet background needs to respect raven stylise regions option
  • Applet background needs to use panel colour for user-defined theme
  • When used with the system-tray applet hide the network applet icon rather than permanently hiding
  • Change from using GtkMenu and GtkMenuItem to GtkButtonBox/GtkButton and therefore allow GtkPopover when button click

Tips for Development

Use the following to run GTK Inspector - use to investigate CSS and other properties

 GTK_DEBUG=interactive budgie-panel --replace

Use the following to print out g_debug messages i.e. use "zzz" in the g_debug to show in the grep filter

 G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all budgie-panel --replace | grep "zzz"